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Libros de la editorial Bloomsbury Academic

Libros de la editorial Bloomsbury Academic

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Transnational fascism inthe Twentieth Century

Spain, Italy and the global neo-fascist network

The aesthetics and ethics of copying

A user's guide to Copyright

Nazi Law

from Nuremberg to Nuremberg

Anti-semitism and the Holocaust

language, rethoric and the traditions of hatred


capital of Byzantium

A history of the British Isles

prehistory to the present

Armoured warfare

a military, political and global history

Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust

Out of shadows

Portugal from Revolution to the present

Wars in the Third World since 1945

The World since 1945

an international history

Romania since the Second World War

a political, social and econommic history

The spanish civil wars

a comparative history of the First Carlist War and the Conflict of the 1930s

History by numbers

an introduction to quantitative approaches

The prehistory of the Crusades

missionary war and the baltic crusades

Security in Ciberspace

targeting nations, infrastructures, individuals

Leading innovation, creativity and enterprise

The subject of liberation

Zizek, politics, psycoanalysis

A history of the Netherlands

from the Sixteenth Century to the present day


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