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European Yearbook on Human Rights 2020

European Yearbook on Human Rights 2020

  • ISBN: 9781780689722
  • Editorial: Intersentia Ltd.
  • Lugar de la edición: London. Reino Unido
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  • Nº Pág.: 659
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In light of the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child in 2019, the twelfth edition of the European Yearbook on Human Rights is dedicated to the rights of the child. In their contributions, renowned scholars, emerging voices and practitioners provide a cross-section of the progress and gaps with regard to the protection of children. Topics include children deprived of their liberty, compulsory adoption and children’s rights to participate in public debates on climate change, to name but a few. Besides the thematic focus on the rights of the child, this edition includes valuable insights from the European Court of Human Rights and the OSCE on the current challenges for the protection of human rights in Europe. Contributions focusing on the human rights implications of artificial intelligence, state sovereignty and gender identities raise awareness of the complexities of human rights protection and stimulate debate and further research in the field.

At a time of an unprecedented global health crisis which has had widespread economic, social, humanitarian and human rights dimensions, the European Yearbook on Human Rights continues to provide a platform to address existing gaps in the systems designed to protect human rights and to bring forward suggestions to remedy identified weaknesses.

Part I. Insights
The European Convention on Human Rights at 70: The Dynamic of a Unique International Instrument (Opinion) (p. 1)

On International Organisations and Responsible Leadership: A Snake Eating its Own Tail (Opinion) (p. 17)

Part II. The Rights of the Child in Europe and Beyond
30 Years of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty (p. 41)

Bringing the Child’s Procedural Rights before the ECtHR through Interpretative Tools: Access to Justice, Participation and Representation (p. 49)

The Child’s Right to Family Life: Shifting Sands and Social Science (p. 79)

The ECtHR on Parental Authority and Contact after Separation: Towards a More Child-Centred Perspective? (p. 97)

Principles and Politics in Compulsory Adoption Cases in the European Court of Human Rights: The Right Balancing of Rights (p. 135)

Triangulating Children’s Rights Law: Which Future for Intercountry Adoptions in Europe? (p. 161)

Detention of Children for the Purpose of Educational Supervision (p. 183)

Rights of Children of Prisoners: Innocent, Forgotten and Punished (p. 201)

The Image of the Vulnerable Migrant Child in Recent ECtHR and CRC Committee Case Law (p. 233)

Social Rights are also Children’s Rights!? An Analysis of the ECSR’s Case Law on Children (p. 257)

Inclusive Education in Strasbourg: Still Learning? (p. 281)

Children’s Rights and the EU: Analysis of Social, Health and Education Laws and Policies (p. 321)

The Increasing Recognition of Child Rights by European Constitutions and its Relevance for the Criminal Regulation of Sexting (p. 349)

The Inconvenient Truths of the Eco-Generation: Mapping the Role of Children (and Youth) in the Global Climate Change Governance (p. 391)

Theoretical and Empirical Reflections about the Use of Children in Armed Conflicts: A Case Study of the Afghan Refugee Children Recruited by the IRGC in the Syrian Civil War (p. 419)

Protecting the Rights of the Child while Countering Terrorism: State Policies on Repatriation of Children Associated with ‘Foreign Fighters’ in Syria and Iraq (p. 447)

Part III. Human Rights in Europe and Beyond
Regulating AI within the Human Rights Framework: A Roadmapping Methodology (p. 475)

Bodies and Identities Beyond the Binary Sex and Gender System: From Question of Order to Question of Rights (p. 503)

Sovereignty and Russian Resistance to Human Rights (p. 529)

The Court of Justice of the European Union and Human Rights in 2019 (p. 551)

The Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights in 2019 (p. 593)

Part IV. Book Reviews (p. 621)


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