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Libros de la editorial The MIT Press

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Authors, users, and pirates

Copyright Law and subjectivity

How to go digital

practical wisdom to help drive your organization's digital transformation

  • The MIT Press 2018. Cambridge (MSS)

The vanishing middle class

prejudice and power in a dual economy

Israel and the world economy

the power of globalization

When things don't fall apart

global financial governance and developmental finance in an Age of Productive Incoherence

Comparative economics in a transforming world economy

Taming the tide of capital flows

a policy guide

The future

The Theory of Collusion and competition policy

The economics of continuous-time finance

Natural resources as capital

Global cities

urban environments in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and China

The inversion factor

how to thrive in the loT economy

Faster, smarter, greener

the future of the car and urban mobility

Sources of power

how people make decisions

A brief history of feminism

Stochastic methods in asset pricing

Macroeconomic essentials

understanding economics in the news

Practice exercises for advanced microeconomic theory


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