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The Court as a stage

The Court as a stage
England and the low countries in the later middle ages

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In the past half-century, court history has lost the air of frivolity that once relegated it to the margins of serious historical study, and has rightfully taken a central part in the study of European states and societies in the age of personal monarchy. Yet it has been approached from so many different angles and appropriated to so many different models that it can be hard to put all our new understandings together to achieve a proper perspective on the functions of the court as a whole. This collection of essays uses the idea of the court as a stage for social and political interaction to re- integrate different styles of court history, focusing on courts in England and the Low Countries, from the age of Richard II and Albert of Bavaria to that of Elizabeth I and Philip II. Themes studied include: the relationship between court politics and cultural change, the social and political functions of court office-holding, the military, judicial and propagandist roles of the court, the economic relationships between courts and cities, and the wider social and political significance of court rituals and traditions.

Eds. Steven Gunn, Antheun Janse


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