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Minimum wages and employment
static and dinamic non-market-clearing equilibrium models

  • ISBN: 9781403934987
  • Editorial: Palgrave MacMillan
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Christian Ragacs develops new contributions to the theory of minimum wages, while taking rationing and spill-over effects on markets other than the labour market into account. Following an introduction into the theory of minimum wages and a discussion of methodological problems, four new theoretical models are developed; two of them comparative static in nature and two models of endogenous growth. The results are contradictory - partly supporting the 'textbook' theory and partly yielding unorthodox results, such as no change in the steady state rates of growth and employment. ÍNDICE Introduction PART I: ON THEORY AND METHODOLOGY An Inquiry into the Theory of Minimum Wages Minimum Wages and "General Equilibrium": Methodological Problems PART II: MINIMUM WAGES AND COMPARATIVE STATICS Supporting the Partial Equilibrium Results Minimum Wages, Unemployment and the Creation of Human Capital PART III: MINIMUM WAGES AND ECONOMIC GROWTH Minimum Wages, Human Capital and Growth Minimum Wages, Unemployment and Growth


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