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Libros de la editorial Palgrave MacMillan

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The european ombudsman and good administration in the European Union

Financial risk management

identification, measurement and management

Ethics in quantitative finance

a pragmatic financial market theory

The economic history of nuclear energy in Spain

governance, business and finance

Spanish economic growth, 1850-2015

Austerity vs stimulus

the political future of economic recovery

The military history of the Soviet Union

The future of Fintech

integrating finance and technology in financial services

Money, markets, and democracy

politically skewed financial markets and how to fix them

Securitization and the Global economy

history and prospects for the future

Equity Derivatives

corporate and institutional applications

Modern Credit Risk Management

theory and practice

Contract Law

Family Law

The government and politics of the European Union

Constitutional and administrative Law

The Court of Justice of the European Union and the politics of Law

Who runs the economy?

the role of power in economics

Bitcoin and mobile payments

constructing a European Union framework

Bubbles and contagion in financial markets

Vol.I: An integrative view


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