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Global discord

Global discord
values and power in a fractured world order

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  • Editorial: Princeton University Press
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How to sustain an international system of cooperation in the midst of geopolitical struggle

Can the international economic and legal system survive today's fractured geopolitics? Democracies are facing a drawn-out contest with authoritarian states that is entangling much of public policy with global security issues. In Global Discord, Paul Tucker lays out principles for a sustainable system of international cooperation, showing how democracies can deal with China and other illiberal states without sacrificing their deepest political values. Drawing on three decades as a central banker and regulator, Tucker applies these principles to the international monetary order, including the role of the U.S. dollar, trade and investment regimes, and the financial system.

Combining history, economics, and political and legal philosophy, Tucker offers a new account of international relations. Rejecting intellectual traditions that go back to Hobbes, Kant, and Grotius, and deploying instead ideas from David Hume, Bernard Williams, and modern mechanism-design economists, Tucker describes a new kind of political realism that emphasizes power and interests without sidelining morality. Incentives must be aligned with values if institutions are to endure. The connecting tissue for a system of international cooperation, he writes, should be legitimacy, creating a world of concentric circles in which we cooperate more with those with whom we share the most and whom we fear the least.

1 Introduction. Geopolitics and Legitimacy in a Globalized World

Part I. History: international order, law, and organizations in a eurocentric world
2 A European Order: From Christendom to the League
3 A Leadership-Based International System Is Built and Adapts: From World War II and Its Horrors to Judicialized International Law, Financial Crisis, and War
4 Geoeconomics within Geopolitics: China and the West Today, and Scenarios for Tomorrow

Part II. Framework: international institutions, regimes, organizations, and society
5 International Policy Coordination and Cooperation: Humean Conventions and Norms
6 Institutions for Cooperation: Equilibria, Regimes, and Organizations
7 Order, System, and Society: From Self-Enforcing Order to an International Society of Designed Substantive Law?

Part III. Geopolitics with geoeconomics: order, “civilizational” tensions, and a dislocated international system
8 Varieties of Order and System: The Contingent Societal Stability of an Institutionalized Hierarchy with American European Roots
9 Rising Powers, Norms, and Geopolitics: Party-Led China’s Self-Identity and US Political Nativism as Risks to System and Order
10 Wishful Thinking: Policy Robustness, Resilience, and Legitimacy

Part IV. Legitimacy: values and principles for international order and system
11 Sovereignty and the Globalization Trilemma: Universalist versus Pluralist International Law and System in a World of Civilizational States
12 Legitimacy and Legitimation: A Humean-Williamsian Framework
13 Political Realism in International Relations: Order versus System in a World of Concentric Legitimation Circles
14 Principles for Constitutional Democracies Legitimately Delegating to International Organizations 337

Part V. Applications: reforms to the international economic system during shifting geopolitics 359
15 Legitimacy for a Fragile International Economic System Facing Fractured Geopolitics 361
16 The International Monetary Fund and the International Monetary Order: An Exercise in Excessive Discretion with Missing Regimes?
17 The World Trade Organization and the System for International Trade: Is Judicialized Universalism
Unsustainable Because Illegitimate?
18 Preferential Trade Pacts and Bilateral Investment Treaties: Security First, or Globalization via Mimesis?
19 Basel and the International Financial System: Are the Tower’s Denizens Too Powerful?
20 Conclusions. Global Discord: Between Disagreement and Conflict


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