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Dimensions of normativity

Dimensions of normativity
new essays on metaethics and jurisprudence

  • ISBN: 9780190640408
  • Editorial: Oxford University Press
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Understood one way, the branch of contemporary philosophical ethics that goes by the label "metaethics" concerns certain second-order questions about ethics-questions not in ethics, but rather ones about our thought and talk about ethics, and how the ethical facts (insofar as there are any) fit into reality. Analogously, the branch of contemporary philosophy of law that is often called "general jurisprudence" deals with certain second order questions about law- questions not in the law, but rather ones about our thought and talk about the law, and how legal facts (insofar as there are any) fit into reality. Put more roughly (and using an alternative spatial metaphor), metaethics concerns a range of foundational questions about ethics, whereas general jurisprudence concerns analogous questions about law. As these characterizations suggest, the two sub-disciplines have much in common, and could be thought to run parallel to each other. Yet, the connections between the two are currently mostly ignored by philosophers, or at least under-scrutinized. The new essays collected in this book are aimed at changing this state of affairs. Dimensions of Normativity collects together works by metaethicists and legal philosophers that address a number of issues that are of common interest, with the goal of accomplishing a new rapprochement between the two sub-disciplines.

List of contributors
David Plunkett, Scott Shapiro, and Kevin Toh
1. Peter Railton, University of Michigan
'We'll see you in court!': The Rule of Law as an Explanatory and Normative Kind
2. Nicholas Southwood, Australian National University
Law as Conventional Norms
3. David Copp, University of California, Davis
Legal Teleology: A Naturalist Account of the Normativity of Law
4. David Enoch, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Is General Jurisprudence Interesting?
5. Kathyrn Lindeman, Saint Louis University
Legal Metanormativity: Lessons for and from Constitutivist Accounts in the Philosophy of Law
6. David Plunkett, Dartmouth College
Robust Normativity, Morality, and Legal Positivism
7. Mitchell Berman, University of Pennsylvania
Of Law and Other Artificial Normative Systems
8. George Letsas, University College London
Law's Full-Blooded Normativity
9. Stephen Finlay, University of Southern California
Defining Normativity
10. Kevin Toh, University College London
Legal Philosophy à la carte
11. Brian Leiter, University of Chicago
Theoretical Disagreements in Law: Another Look
12. Teresa Marques, Logos / University of Barcelona
Hybrid Dispositionalism and the Law
13. Alex Silk, University of Birmingham
Normativity in Language and Law
14. Katharina Nieswandt, Concordia University
Authority and Interest in the Theory of Right
15. Luís Duarte d'Almeida, University of Edinburgh
On the Legal Syllogism
16. Sam Shpall, University of Sydney
Dworkin's Literary Analogy
17. Connie Rosati, University of Arizona
Constitutional Realism


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