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Business and society

Business and society
a strategic approach to social responsibility

  • ISBN: 9780618415960
  • Editorial: Dott. A Giuffre - Editore
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A brief alternative to its competitors, Business and Society combines 12 chapters with 12 cases to offer a strategic approach to social responsibility. Streamlined coverage of key topics allows undergraduate students and MBA majors to focus on only what they need to prepare for in the real business world. Concise chapter content allows instructors to introduce outside resources into their course, such as readings, cases, and projects that enhance students' understanding of the material. Students will gain the background knowledge, skills, and insight necessary to analyze how organizations achieve both social and financial performance benefits through social responsibility. ÍNDICE: 1. Social Responsibility Framework. 2. Strategic Management of Stakeholder Relationships. 3. Legal, Regulatory, and Political Issues. 4. Business Ethics and Ethical Decision Making. 5. Strategic Approaches to Improving Ethical Behavior. 6. Corporate Governance. 7.Consumer and Community Relations. 8. Employee Relations. 9. Environmental Issues. 10. Technology Issues. 11. Strategic Philanthropy. 12. The Social Audit. Cases Part I. Successful Management of Social Responsibility Case 1. Coca-Cola Company: Crisis and Reputation Management Case 2. Wainwright Bank & Trust: Banking on Values Case 3. Conoco's Decision: The First Annual President's Award for Business Ethics Case 4. Home Depot: Commitment to Social Responsibility Case 5. New Belgium Brewing Company: Environmental and Social Concerns Case 6. Double Click: Privacy on the Internet Part II. Challenges in Social Responsibility Case 7. Enron: Questionable Accounting Leads to Collapse Case 8. Worldcom: Actions Lead to Corporate Reform Case 9. Martha Stewart: Insider-Trading Scandal Case 10. Arthur Andersen: Questionable Accounting Practices Case 11. Tyco International: Leadership Crisis Case 12. Global Crossing: Inflated Sales Lead to Bankruptcy


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