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The multilevel politics of trade

The multilevel politics of trade

  • ISBN: 9781487524524
  • Editorial: University of Toronto Press
  • Lugar de la edición: Toronto. Canadá
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The Multilevel Politics of Trade presents a timely comparative analysis of eight federations (plus the European Union) to explore why some sub-federal actors have become more active in trade politics in recent years. As the contributing authors find, there is considerable variation in the intensity and modes of sub-federal participation. This they attribute to three key factors: the distinctive institutional features of federal systems; the nature and scope of trade policy and trade agreements; and the extent of social mobilization that accompanies a particular trade policy conversation.

As a whole, The Multilevel Politics of Trade argues that sub-federal actors' interests (jurisdictional, political, and economic) are what motivate them to participate in trade debates. However, institutional configurations, coupled with the influence of civil society actors, political parties, and others determine the nature and scope of that participation. Informed by a deep knowledge of federal dynamics, this volume provides extensive comparative analyses of all seven of the North American and European federations and represents a significant intervention into the study of both federalism and political economy.

Introduction: The Evolution of Multilevel Trade Politics --
Section One: Canada in North America --
1 Federalism and Trade Negotiations in Canada: CUSFTA, CETA, and TPP Compared --
2 Implementation of Twenty-First-Century Trade Agreements in Canada: CETA and Intergovernmental Cooperation --
3 Reconceptualizing Provincial Development: Evolving Public Procurement Practices in Quebec --
4 Multilevel Trade in the United States: Federalism, Internal Markets, and Intergovernmental Relations 5 Mexican Sub-federal Actors and the Negotiation and Implementation of Free Trade Agreements --
6 Civil Society, Multilevel Governance, and International Trade in North America --
Section Two: Europe and Australia --
Multilevel Trade Politics in Comparative Perspective --
7 Federalism in Times of Increased Integration: The Participation of the Cantons in Swiss Trade Policy --
8 Parallel Pathways? The Emergence of Multilevel Trade Politics in Austria and Germany --
9 Trade Politics and the Australian States and Territories 10 From Nada to Namur: Sub-federal Parliaments' Involvement in European Union Trade Politics, and the Case of Belgium --
Section Three: The European Union --
A Distinct Federation --
11 Multilevel Trade Governance in Europe in the Aftermath of the Lisbon Treaty --
12 Multilevel Party Politics and Trade: The Case of the Social Democrats in the European Parliament and the German Social Democratic Party --
13 Municipal-Level Trade Contestation: Activists and Local Governments, from the Multilateral Agreement on Investment to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership --


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