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The future of philantropy
economics,ethics,and management

  • ISBN: 9780471638551
  • Editorial: John Wiley & Sons Limited
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"Social stability across the globe requires the mobilization of human and technological resources at levels far beyond the capacity and will of governments. As we all struggle with a new definition of social solidarity, smart philanthropy, emotionally energized philanthropy, and even entrepreneurial philanthropy is now more important than ever before. The private sector needs to continue to step up to the challenge in America, but also in other developed economies. Raymond#s insights can help frame the discussion on how best to accomplish a new form of collaboration among public and private agents for social good in America, but perhaps also across the globe. America#s embrace of neighbors banding together to help the less fortunate is not only a rich national heritage we need to sustain and strengthen, but perhaps, in cautious ways, export to other political economies." #James A. Rice, PhD, President, International Health Summit Vice Chairman, The Governance Institute "Susan Raymond brings piercing insight and rigorous scrutiny to philanthropy#the giving and the getting#in its increasingly turbulent social and economic context. And the reader is jolted into the realities of the twenty-first century! A must-read for the nonprofit professional!" #J. Cynthia Weber, PhD, CFRE, Director Council Funding Resource Development, Girl Scouts of the USA "At last, a comprehensive body of work that not only asks the tough questions but answers them as well. The role of philanthropy in our society has never been so clearly explained. " #John L. Damonti, President, Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation "Dr. Raymond has an insightful perspective on philanthropy that goes beyond conventional, generally accepted principles. Her analysis challenges us to better understand both the motivations and consequences of philanthropy on our society." #David E. Ratcliffe, Director The Merrill Lynch Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Management


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