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Public-private partnerships
policy and experience

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Few current issues in public management are as controversial as public private partnerships (PPPs). The intensity of the debate reflects the importance of the concept to the government as it focuses on its central policy objective of improving public services, and the degree of opposition that is ranged against it. Opinion is divided with alternative views emerging across the political spectrum. Private Public Partnerships presents a fresh and wide-ranging review of the core issues behind the debate, capturing the experiences and insight of practitioners at the forefront of the first wave of PPP programmes, research and analysis from leading academics who have studied the performance of PPPs, and critical views from advocates and opponents of the concept. ÍNDICE PPP: The Instrument for Transforming the Public Services; A.Ghobadian, D.Gallear, N.O'Regan & H.Viney PART I: PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP (PPP): CONTEXT, PURPOSE AND PERSPECTIVES Public-Private Partnerships and Private Finance; Rt Hon J.Redwood MP New Labour and PPPs; D.Corry PART II: ASSESSING THE APPROPRIATENESS OF PPP AND OVERCOMING POTENTIAL RESISTANCE Peterborough Hospitals NHS Trust; C.Morton & C.Banks Public Private Partnerships; K.Faulkner Making PPPs Accountable: The Case of Ireland; M.Kay & E.Reeves PART III: FINDING THE RIGHT PARTNER PART IV: BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP PART V: PRIVATE FINANCE INITIATIVE (PFI) An Examination of the Private Finance Initiative: Has the PFI Initiative Assisted in the Investment in our Public Services or Has It Been an Expensive Diversion?; T.Haggar Risk Management and the Private Finance Initiative; R.Ball, M.Heafey & D.King Why is it so Expensive to Bid for PFI Contracts?; A.Knight & I.Fox PART VI: PPP - CONTRACTUAL ISSUES PPP Contractual Issues: Big Promises and Unfinished Business; G.A.Hodge & D.M.Bowman PART VII: INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE AND EXPERIENCE Public-Private Partnerships in Western Europe and the USA: New Growths from Old Roots; T.Bo

Eds. Abby Ghobadian...[et.al]


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