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Pricing communication services
economics, technology and modelling

  • ISBN: 9780470851302
  • Editorial: John Wiley & Sons Limited
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Recent advances in technology, combined with the deregulation of the telecommunication market and the proliferation of the Internet, have created a highly competitive environment for communication service providers. There is no simple recipe for pricing network service contracts in all contexts. Pricing is a complex subject, which depends on parameters of the actual market - including the degree of competition and customer demand - and parameters of technology, such as resource consumption, network architecture, resource availability, and cost. Pricing Communication Networks: Economics, Technology and Modelling covers many important issues in providing new services, the relation between pricing and resource allocation in networks, and the emergence of the Internet and its pricing. It provides a framework of mathematical models for pricing multidimensional contracts with quality of service guarantees, and includes a useful background on network services and contracts, network technology, basic economics, and pricing strategy. Provides a broad overview of network services INDICE A: NETWORKS. Pricing and Communications Networks. Network Services and Contracts. Network Technology. Network Constraints and Effective Bandwidths. B: ECONOMICS. Basic Concepts. Competition Models. C: PRICING. Cost-based Pricing. Charging Guaranteed Services. Congestion. Charging Flexible Contracts. D: SPECIAL TOPICS. Multicasting. Interconnection. Regulation. Auctions. Appendix A: Lagrangian Methods for Constrained Optimization. Appendix B: Convergence of Tatonnement. References. Index.


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