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Political economy of transition and development
institutions, politics and policies

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  • Colección: ZEI Studies in European Economics and Law
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The economic and political transition in Central and Eastern Europe has now entered its second decade. Although the post-communist countries shared many similarities at the outset of the transition, their economic and political experiences have been strongly divergent. Some countries succeeded in stabilizing their economies and are now set on course toward rapid growth, convergence, and accession to the European Union. Others, however, experienced severe and protracted recessions and their prospects for sustained recovery are still doubtful. On the political front, the past decade was marked similarly by important achievements but also grave setbacks. While democracy became firmly embedded in a number of post-communist countries, other transition countries reverted to authoritarian rule and/or experienced breakdowns of law and order, inter-ethnic conflicts, or even outright civil wars. INDICE Introduction. 1. Evolution and Transition; B.W. Ickes. 2. Interpretations of Transition; A.L. Hillman. 3. The Relative Levels and the Character of Institutional Development in Transition Economies; P. Murrell. 4. Transition and Developing Economies: Comparing the Quality of Governments; G. Ofer. 5. Sectors, States, and the Paths of Post- Socialist Development; B. Greskovits. 6. A Computational Political Economy Model of Transition; J.E. Jackson. 7. Anatomy of Voting Behavior and Attitudes during Post-Communist Transition: Czech Republic 1990-98; O. Doyle, J. Fidrmuc. 8. Enlargement and the European Parliament; A. Noury, G. Roland. 9. Economic Policy Doctrine and Political Regime; M.S.Fish. 10. Postcommunist Corruption; D. Treisman. 11. The Extent and Determinants of the Stripping of Socialist Physical Capital in the Period of Social Transformation and Modernization of the Economic Structure; N.F. Campos, F. Giovannoni. 12. Social Capital and Economic Performance in Transition; M. Raiser. 13. Human Capital, Growth and Inequality in Transition Economies; M. Spagat. Index


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