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Modelling prices in competitive electricity markets

Modelling prices in competitive electricity markets

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Electricity markets are structurally different to other commodities, and the real-time dynamic balancing of the electricity network involves many external factors. Because of this, it is not a simple matter to transfer conventional models of financial time series analysis to wholesale electricity prices. The rationale for this compilation of chapters from international authors is, therefore, to provide econometric analysis of wholesale power markets around the world, to give greater understanding of their particular characteristics, and to assess the applicability of various methods of price modelling. ÍNDICE 1 Structural and Behavioural Foundations of Competitive Electricity Prices (Derek W. Bunn). 2 Competitors Response Representation for Market Simulation in the Spanish Daily Market (Efraim Centeno Hernáez, Julián Barquín Gil, José Ignacio de la Fuente León, Antonio Muñoz San Roque, Mariano J. Ventosa Rodríguez, Javier García González, Alicia Mateo González, and Agustín Martín Calmarza). 3 Complementarity-Based Equilibrium Modeling for Electric Power Markets (Benjamin F. Hobbs and Udi Helman). 4 Price Impact of Horizontal Mergers in the British Generation Market (John Bower). 5 Testing for Weekly Seasonal Unit Roots in the Spanish Power Pool (Angel Le´on and Antonio Rubia). 6 Nonlinear Time Series Analysis of Alberta s Deregulated Electricity Market (Apostolos Serletis and Ioannis Andreadis). 7 Quantile-Based Probabilistic Models for Electricity Prices (Shi-Jie Deng and Wenjiang Jiang). 8 Forecasting Time-Varying Covariance Matrices in the Intradaily Spot Market of Argentina (Angel León and Antonio Rubia). 9 Identifying Dynamic Interactions in Western US Spot Markets (Christine A. Jerko, James W. Mjelde and David A. Bessler). 10 Transmission of Prices and Volatility in the Australian Electricity Spot Markets (Andrew C. Worthington and Helen Higgs). 11 Forecasting Higher Moments of the Power Price Using Medium-Term Equilibrium Economics and the Value of Security o

Derek W. Bunn (Editor)


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