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theories, policies, and international applications

  • ISBN: 9780324159929
  • Editorial: South-Western
  • Lugar de la edición: Ohio. Estados Unidos de Norteamérica
  • Edición número: 3rd ed
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  • Nº Pág.: 550
  • Idiomas: Inglés

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The central goal of this text is to address all of the fundamental macroeconomic theories and policy issues in the discipline within a compact and highly accessible text. It features a strong focus on instilling a learner's conceptual understanding of the discipline through a wealth of pedagogically sound features designed to teach and reinforce the material. This is the only intermediate macroeconomics text that fully integrates global economics from the very beginning. Additionally, it is also the first and only text on the market to offer a fully-integrated program of accompanying online resources and multimedia tools that enhance a reader's study of macroeconomic theory. INDICE UNIT I: INTRODUCTION 1. The Macroeconomy 2. How Do We Know How We''re Doing?-Measuring Macroeconomic Variables UNIT 2: CLASSICAL MACROECONOMIC THEORY AND ECONOMIC GROWTH 3. The Self-Adjusting Economy--Classical Macroeconomic Theory: Employment, Output, and Prices 4. Classical Macroeconomic Theory: Interest Rates and Exchange Rates 5. Utopia Just Beyond the Horizon or Future Shock? The Theory of Economic Growth 6. Business Cycles and Short-Run Macroeconomics-Essentials of the Keynesian System 7. Fiscal Policy--What Can Government Spending and Taxation Policies Accomplish? 8. Do Central Banks Matter?--Money in the Traditional Keynesian System 9. The Open Economy-Exchange Rates and the Balance of Payments UNIT 3: KEYNESIAN AND MONETARIST MACROECONOMIC PERSPECTIVES 10. Is There a Trade-off between Unemployment and inflation?-The Keynesian and Monetarist Views on Price and Output Determination UNIT 4: RATIONAL EXPECTATIONS AND MODERN MACROECONOMIC THEORY 11. The Pursuit of Self-Interest-Rational Expectations, New Classical Macroeconomics, and Efficient Markets 12. Rational Wage Stickiness-Modern Keynesian Theory with Rational Expectations 13. Market Failures versus Perfect Markets--New Keynesians versus Real- Business-Cycle Theorists UNIT 5: MACROECONOMIC POLICY 14. What Should Policymakers Do


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