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Leadership and management in the 21st century

Leadership and management in the 21st century
business challenges of the future

  • ISBN: 9780199263363
  • Editorial: Oxford University Press
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This volume brings together the thoughts of leading figures from industry, academia, the public sector, professional bodies, and the media, to reflect on what the twenty-first century may mean for businesses and their leaders. The contributors examine what trends the mark the global economy in the twenty-first century, how this will affect businesses, and what will be required in terms of leadership and management to manage effectively? In doing so they cover such topics as leadership, corporate culture, organizational structures, innovation, working life, and management education and the business school. ÍNDICE Cary L. Cooper: Introduction Section 1: Challenges of the Business Environment 1 Bill Starbuck: Four Great Conflicts of the 21st Century 2 Andrew Kakabadse: Discretionary Leadership: From Control/Coordination to Value Creation Through Polylogue 3 Prabhu Guptara: Managers' Lives, Work, and Careers in the 21st Century 4 Ken Starkey: Late 20th Century Management, the Business School, and Social Capital Section II: Leadership and Management in the 21st Century: The Academics' View 5 Chris Argyris: A Next Challenge in Organizational Leadership 6 Gary Latham: Leadership in the Private Sector: Yesterday Versus Tomorrow 7 Keith Grint: 21st Century Leadership: The God of Small Things, or Putting the 'Ship' Back Into 'Leadership' 8 Fred Fielder and Joseph E. Garcia: Leadership in a Non-Linear World 9 Anne Huff: An Agenda for Understanding Individual Leadership in Corporate Leadership Systems Section III: Leadership and Management in the 21st Century: The Practitioners' View 10 Hamish McRae: Leading Cpaital and the Global Economy 11 Howard Davies: Working On (And On And On...) 12 Geoff Armstrong: Managing Performance Through People: The Challenge for Tomorrow's Organization 13 Michael Bichard: Managing for Creativity 14 David Rhind: Herding Cats or Luxuriating in Talent? Leadership and Management of Universities 15 Sue Cox and Steve Fox: Management Education and Leader

Ed. Cary L. Coooper


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