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How ten global cities take on homelessness

How ten global cities take on homelessness
innovations that work

  • ISBN: 9780520344679
  • Editorial: University of California Press
  • Lugar de la edición: Oakland. Estados Unidos de Norteamérica
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This book takes on perhaps the most formidable issue facing metropolitan areas today: the large numbers of people experiencing homelessness within cities. Four dedicated experts with first-hand experience profile ten cities—Bogota, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Houston, Nashville, New York City, Baltimore, Edmonton, Paris, and Athens—to explore ideas, strategies, successes, and failures. Together they bring an array of government, nonprofit, and academic perspectives to offer a truly global perspective. The authors answer essential questions about the nature and causes of homelessness and analyze how cities have used innovation and local political coordination to address this pervasive problem.

Ten Global Cities will be an invaluable resource not only for students of policy and social work but for municipal, regional, and national policymakers; nonprofit service providers; community advocates and activists; and all citizens who want to collaborate for real change. These authors argue that homelessness is not an insurmountable social condition, and their examples show that cities and individuals working in coordination can lead the charge for better outcomes.

Introduction: Can Cities Solve Global Homelessness?
1. The Transformation of Homeless Services
2. Engaging People on the Streets
3. Sheltering Options That Work
4. Developing an Affordable Housing Strategy
5. Supportive Housing to Target Complex Needs
6. Prevention That Works
7. Systems-Level Thinking
8. Engaging the Community
9. Understanding the Homeless System: Street Counts, By-Name Lists, Agency Databases, and Basic Research
10. Managing for Results: Performance Management and Modeling
11. Managing in Emergencies
Conclusion: Lessons for Other Cities—It Can Be Done


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