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Generating and sustaining nonprofit earned income

Generating and sustaining nonprofit earned income
a guide to succesful enterprise strategies

  • ISBN: 9780787972387
  • Editorial: Jossey-Bass Ltd.
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Foundation Partnership on Nonprofit Ventures, this comprehensive guide identifies best practices for generating a reliable income stream and ultimately reducing nonprofit organizations' dependence on traditional sources of funding. Edited by renowned scholar and consultant Sharon Oster and Cynthia Massarsky and Samantha Beinhacker, deputy directors of The Partnership on Nonprofit Ventures, Generating and Sustaining Nonprofit Earned Income: A Guide to Successful Enterprise Strategies will teach readers sound business planning strategies that can significantly benefit their organization's internal capacity and financial health. INDICE Tables, Figures, and Exhibits. Foreword (Bill Bradley). Preface (Sharon M. Oster, Cynthia W. Massarsky, Samantha L. Beinhacker). Acknowledgements. The Editors. The Contributors. PART ONE: KEY ISSUES IN BUSINESS PLANNING FOR NONPROFIT ENTERPRISE. 1. Putting Nonprofit Business Ventures in Perspective (J. Gregory Dees). 2. Building Organizational Capacity (Paul Connolly). 3. Leadership Strategies for Managing a Nonprofit Enterprise (Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld and Maxwell L. Anderson). 4. Targeting the Market and Developing a Marketing Plan (Christopher Lovelock). 5. Pricing Goods and Services (Sharon M. Oster). 6. Legal and Tax Considerations (William H. Heritage Jr. and Timothy J. Orlebeke). 7. Nonprofit Ventures and Governance Issues (Katherine M. O#Regan). PART TWO: FINDING AND ATTRACTING CAPITAL. 8. Securing Financial Capital (David Bornstein and The Goldman Sachs Foundation). 9. Pitching Your Venture (Amy Solas and Adam M. Blumenthal). 10. Forming Strategic Alliances (Richard Steckel). 11. Growing Your Business with a High-Engagement Funder (Kristin Majeska). 12. Supporting Nonprofit Enterprise in Emerging Markets (Lee Davis and Nicole Etchart). PART THREE: THE BUSINESS PLAN IN ACTION. 13. Fundamentals of Implementation (Patricia Caesar and Thomas Baker). 14. Real World Challenges of Implemention (Kim Alter). 15. Deploying Resources Effecti

eds.Sharon M. Oster;Cynthia W. Massarsky


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