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Fast forward

Fast forward
ethics and politics in the age of global warming

  • ISBN: 9780815704690
  • Editorial: The Brookings Institution
  • Lugar de la edición: Washington D.C.. Estados Unidos de Norteamérica
  • Encuadernación: Cartoné
  • Idiomas: Inglés

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Just as wars are too important to leave to the generals, managing climate change is too important to be left to our governments alone. It requires the vigorous, assertive engagement of the governed as well, given its profound implications for our right to a livable planet and our duty to do what we can to protect that prospect. 'In this concise and readable book, William Antholis and Strobe Talbott clearly explain the reality of climate change today and make a compelling case for addressing it now, rather than passing the buck to our children and grandchildren. Climate change, or global warming', remains the subject of great controversy in our media and our political space. None of that changes the overwhelming scientific consensus, however-that climate change is real, it is measurable, it is intertwined with human activity, it is potentially disastrous, and it is already upon us. With the passing of each generation, the unaddressed ramifications of global warming will increase in both severity and permanence. This makes it ethically imperative that we deal with it now-to ignore it or simply wish it away would be an unconscionable abandonment of our responsibilities as citizens, as stewards of the earth, and as parents. Without a question, stopping or even slowing climate change poses tremendously daunting challenges. It demands foresight, sacrifice, courage, and common sense from all quarters-national and subnational governments, international organizations, and individual citizens.


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