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Experiencing wages

Experiencing wages
social and cultural aspects of wage forms in Europe since 1500

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  • Colección: International studies in social history
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European and Canadian contributors from the distinct but related fields of wage and labor history offer different perspectives on the fundamental question of how people were paid for their work. Table of Contents: List of Figures and Tables 1 The wage in Europe since the sixteenth century by Peter Scholliers and Leonard Schwarz 2 Institutional and cultural change in wage formation: post labour in Antwerp (sixteenth-eighteenth centuries) by Harald Deceulaer 3 When labour hires capital: evidence from Lancashire, 1870-1914 by Michael Huberman 4 Giving notice: the legitimate way of quitting and firing (Ghent, 1877-1896) by Patricia Van den Eeckhout 5 Wage forms, wage systems and wage conflicts in German crafts during the eighteenth and earlier nineteenth centuries by Reinhold Reith 6 Wage forms, pay systems and labour control in nineteenth-century agriculture. Evidence from the Dutch province of Groningen by Henny Gooren and Hans Heger 7 Cash, wages and the economy of makeshifts in England, 1650-1800 by Craig Muldrew and Stephen King 8 Gendered wage systems and industrialisation in Finland in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries by Sakari Heikkinen 9 Engendering the experience of wages: the evolution of the piecework system at the Spanish Tobacco Monopoly, 1800-1930s by Lina Galvez- Munoz 10 Age, gender and the wage in Britain, 1830-1930 by Paul Johnson 11 At what cost was pre-eminence purchased? Child labour and the first industrial revolution by Jane Humphries Notes on Contributors Index

Eds. Peter Scholliers, Leonard Schwarz


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