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Competitive transformation of the postal and delivery sector

  • ISBN: 9781402077029
  • Lugar de la edición: Boston. None
  • Colección: Topics in regulatory economics and policy
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Edited by Michel A.Crew, and Paul R.Kleindorfer Competitive Transformation of the Postal and Delivery Sector is an indispensable source of information and analysis on the current state of the postal and delivery sector. It offers current insights of leading researchers and practitioners into strategy and regulation as well as the economics of this sector. Issues addressed include national and international perspectives, financial viability, the universal service obligation, regulation, competition, entry, the role of scale and scope economies, the nature and role of cost and demand analysis in postal service, productivity, interaction of law and economics, human resources, transition and reform issues. The papers in the book were selected from the papers presented at the 11th Conference on Postal and Delivery Economics, Toledo, Spain, June 4-7, 2003 INDICE Access and Financial Viability. 1. Access and the USO for Letters and Parcels; M.A. Crew, P.R. Kleindorfer. 2. Access and (Non-)Uniform Pricing in the Postal Sector; E. Billette de Villemeur, H. Cremer, B. Roy, J. Toledano. 3. Access Pricing and the Uniform Tariff in the Postal Sector; P. De Donder, H. Cremer, F. Rodriguez. 4. Is Mandatory Access in the Postal Sector the Key to Success? N. van der Lijn, A. Meijer. 5. Financial Viability of the Universal Postal Service Provider Under Uniform and Cost-Related Tariffs; G. d'Alcantara, B. Amerlync. 6. An Empirical Analysis of the Graveyard Spiral; R. Cohen, M. Robinson, R. Sheehy, J. Walle, S. Xenakis. 7. RPI - X Price Control Regulation in the Postal Sector; L. Correia da Silva, P. Dudley, L. Mautino, S. Richard. 8. Testing for Anti-Competitive Behavior in Public Enterprises; M.D. Bradley, J. Colvin, M. Perkins. 9. An Evaluation of USPS Worksharing: Postal Revenues and Costs From Workshared Activities; J. Haldi, W.J. Olson. National and International Perspectives. 10. The WTO Doha Development Agenda: Defining the Scope of Postal Service Liberalization; A. Alverno, A.

Eds. Michel A.Crew, and Paul R.Kleindorfer


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