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China in the Global Economy

China in the Global Economy
environment, water resources, and agricultural policies. Lessons from China and OECD countries

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China's endowment of water resources is extremely low, poorly distributed, and increasingly polluted. With agriculture being one of the main consumers of water, China's future development depends on initiatives that will raise the efficiency and efficacy of water use. These workshop proceedings examine the current situation in China, look at what is being done in OECD countries to manage water resources, and suggest policy options for China. Executive SummaryRésuméPart I. Agri-Environmental Situation and Policies in China: Practice and OutcomesChapter 1. The New Socialist Countryside and its Implications for China's Agriculture and Natural Resources. Editor's summary of Tan Renjian's SpeechChapter 2. Selected Aspects of Water Management in China: Conditions, Poilcy Responses, and Future Trends by Simon SpoonerChapter 3. Effects of Integrated Ecosystem Management on Land Degradation Control and Poverty Reduction by Han JunChapter 4. Water Resources and Agricultural Production in China: The Present Situation by Ma Xiaohe and Fang SonghaiPart II. Experiences in Agricultural Resource Management and Environmental Protection in OECD CountriesChapter 5. Agric-Environmental Policies in OECD Countries and Natural Resource Management by Wilfrid LeggChapter 6. Market Mechanisms in Water Allocation in AustraliaChapter 7. The Dutch Approach to Water Quality Problems Related to Fertilisation and Crop Production by Peter van BoheemenChapter 8. Policy Issues Regarding Water Availability and Water Quality in Agriculture in the United States by Dennis WichelnsChapter 9. Decision Support Tools to Aid Policy Design and Implementation for Sustainable Resource Use in Agriculture by Kevin ParrisPart III. Policy Options for ChinaChapter 10. Fertiliser Use in Chinese Agriculture by Chen MengshanChapter 11. Conserving Agricultural Biodiversity through Water Markets in China: Lessons from the Millennium Ecosystem AssessmentChapter 12. A Resource Utilisation Approach to Resolving Food Securi

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