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 An experts' guide to international protocol

An experts' guide to international protocol
best practice in diplomatic and corporate relations

  • ISBN: 9789463727167
  • Editorial: Amsterdam University Press
  • Lugar de la edición: Amsterdam. Países Bajos
  • Encuadernación: Cartoné
  • Medidas: 24 cm
  • Nº Pág.: 351
  • Idiomas: Inglés

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Although modern life grows increasingly casual, in many sectors, protocol still reigns supreme. An Expert's Guide to International Protocol offers an overview of its associated practices, including those found within the context of diplomatic relations and the business world. Focusing on a wide range of countries and cultures, the book covers topics like precedence, seating arrangements, flags, ceremonies, invitations, dress codes, gifts and honours, and the roles of the protocol officer, guest and host. Throughout, influential diplomatic, business, and cultural figures share their own experiences with protocols around the world, also throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Preface by His Royal Highness Prince Carlos de Bourbon de Parme PROLOGUE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 1. International Protocol Interview with Professor Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, former Secretary-General of NATO 2. Precendence 'Protocol and the International Court of Justice' by Dame Rosalyn Higgings, DBE, QC, former President of the International Court of Justice in The Hague 3. Seating arrangements and order of processions 'Protocol at the United Nations and at Think Tanks -- A Comparative Perspective' by Dr Abiodun Williams, President of The Hague Institute for Global Justice 4. Flag Protocol 'A genuine experience, protocol in an international institution, the European Parliament' by Mr Francois Brunagel, former Head of Protocol of the European Parliament 5. Invitations and dress codes 'Diplomatic language and formal language : a code with a double meaning' by Professor Olivier Arifon, Professor at the Universite libre de Bruxelles in charge of the chair in communication 6. Gifts and honours 'State visits' by His Excellency Mr Jose de Bouza Serrano, Ambassador of the Portugese Republic to the Netherlands 7. Ceremonies 'Protocol at the Olympic Games' by Mr Andrea Miliccia, former Protocol Manager for the London 2012 Opening Ceremony 8. The protocol officer 'Protocol is a basic principle of professional success' by Mr Jean Paul Wijers, Managing Director and founder of the Protocolbureau,Institute of Protocol The Hague, and the Institute of Strategic Relationship Management 'Presidential Protocol' by Mr Lahoud Lahoud, Chief of Protocol at the Presidency of the Republic of Lebanon 9. Guest and host Interview with Mr Martin van Pernis , former President of the Board of Siemens, the Netherlands 'Protocol and Dance' by Mr Samuel Wuersten, Artistic Director Holland Dance, Member of the Executive Board of Codarts Rotterdam 10. Protocol and stakeholder engagement during and after the covid-19 pandemic AUTHORS' BIOGRAPHIES BIBLIOGRAPHY WEBSITES ILLUSTRATIONS AND PHOTOGRAPHS INDEX


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