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Stagnant water bodies pollution

Stagnant water bodies pollution

  • ISBN: 9788415690344
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The Water Research Institute of the University of Barcelona called on November 28th, 2011, at the School of Law, the seminar “Stagnant Water Bodies Pollution”. The Institute organizes, at least, twice a year seminars on specific themes related to water research which has not recently been dealt with in depth. The Institute members and invited speakers present to an open audience the state-of-the-art of the selected subject.

From an interdisciplinary perspective, the seminar speakers prepared specific chapters on the eutrophication concept, wastewater treatment using ponds, oil pollution in closed waters, ponds in golf courses, the legal status of the Great Lakes and an economic vision on the management of lakes and reservoirs.

Three additional chapters complete the scope of this book. The first one deal with legal aspects of the coastal stagnant waters, the second refers to the management of wildlife in urban ponds, while the last one refers to the management of a wastewater reclamation system for supplying water to a wetland system in a touristic area.


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