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Revista Investigaciones Regionales N.º 21 - Special Issue 2011

Revista Investigaciones Regionales N.º 21 - Special Issue 2011
Contributions to Spatial Econometrics

  • ISBN: 100913362
  • Editorial: Marcial Pons, Ediciones Jurídicas y Sociales
  • Lugar de la edición: Madrid. España
  • Colección: Revista Investigaciones Regionales
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Medidas: 24 cm
  • Nº Pág.: 244
  • Idiomas: Inglés

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ÍNDICE: Mayor, M., and Fernández, E., Contributions to spatial econometrics: non-linearity, causality and empirical applications. Paelinck, J. H. P., On Some Analytical Statistics for Geographic Patterns: From Nonlinearity to Linearity. López-Hernández, F.; Artal-Tur, A., and Mate-Sánchez-Val, M., Identifying nonlinear apatial dependence patterns by using nonparametric tests: Evidence for the European Union. Angulo, A., and Mur, J., The Likelihood Ratio Test of Common Factors under Non-Ideal Conditions. Fernández, E., Updating weighting matrices by Cross-Entropy. Burridge, P., A research agenda on general-to-specific spatial model search. Mitze, T., Within and Between Panel Cointegration in the German Regional Output-Trade-FDI Nexus. Suárez, P.; Mayor, M., and Cueto, B., How important is access to employment offices in Spain? An urban and non-urban perspective. Ribeiro, A., and Silva, J., A spatial analysis on the relation between accessibility and spatial development for Cross-border regions. Montero, J. M.; Fernández-Avilés, G., and Mínguez, R., Spatial Hedonic Pricing Models for Testing the Adequacy of Acoustic Areas in Madrid, Spain. Aliaga, J.; Herrera, M.; Leguía, D.; Mur, J.; Ruiz, M., and Villegas, H., Spatial Causality. An application to the Deforestation Process in Bolivia. Márquez, M. A.; Ramajo, J., and Hewings, G. J. D., Public Capital and Regional Economic Growth: a SVAR Approach for the Spanish Regions. Angulo, A. M.; Mtimet, N.; Dhehibi, B.; Atwi, M.; Ben Youssef, O.; Gil, J. M., and Sai, M. B., A revisited gravity equation in trade flow analysis: an application to the case of Tunisian olive oil exports.

Elaborado por la Asociación Española de Ciencias Regionales.


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