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Poverty and exclusion in North and South
essays on social policy and global poverty reduction

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  • Colección: Priorities in developement economics
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Since 1990 there has been a worrying increase in poverty in the industrialized countries of the "North", while many of the developing countries of the "South" have experienced some improvement. This collection argues that there are a number of likenesses between the predicaments of North and South, and that these warrant further investigation and analysis. This volume covers, on an integrated basis, such themes as: economic growth and social capital; food and poverty; and debt versus equity in urban regeneration. INDICE 1. Introduction Paul Mosley and Elizabeth Dowler 2. Prospects for equitable social provision in a globalising world Bob Deacon 3. Globalisation and the direction of future social policy Arjan de Haan 4. Risk and Vulnerability: the forward-looking role of social protection Robert Holzmann 5. Governance and the common man: embedding social policy in the search for security Geof Wood 6. Economic growth and social capital Paul Whiteley 7. Defining the limits of a discourse: 'social capital' in Africa John Campbell 8. Perspectives on poverty in North and South Fran Bennett 9. Globalisation and home-based workers in North and South Paul Mosley with assistance from Jane Tate 10. Food and poverty: current global challenges? Elizabeth Dowler and Geoff Tansey 11. Microfinance, poverty and social exclusion in North and South Paul Mosley and Lucy Steel 12. Social capital and micro-enterprise development: microfinance and urban regeneration in Eastern Europe Marek Markus 13. Debt versus equity in urban regeneration Jo Henderson.


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