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People power

People power
why we need more migrants

  • ISBN: 9780755606542
  • Editorial: I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd.
  • Lugar de la edición: London. Reino Unido
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Migration is one of the fundamental driving forces of change in the modern world. As regions such as the Middle East continue to experience instability, climate change is driving migration from Africa and Central Asia - these 'push factors' lead to increased migration throughout Europe. Yet despite being one of the fundamental issues of the modern age, the impact of migration on Western developed economies is dangerously misunderstood. Here, economics and migration expert Giles Merritt seeks to explode the ten most common myths about European migration. He shows how the west's aging population needs migrants, and demonstrates in clear and accessible writing how governments must adapt to increase migration to solve the challenges of the modern world. The result is a clear-eyed assessment of the issues, and a way forward for the west which preserves our political democracies by rejecting the politics of the right.

Chapter 1: Exploding Migration's Ten Most Misleading Myths
Chapter 2: Europe's "Migrant Crisis” is part of a Global Earthquake
Chapter 3: More Migrants, Please! The Economic Case
Chapter 4: Making True Europeans of the Migrant Millions
Chapter 5: Brace for More Newcomers, and for Ageing
Chapter 6: Only More Help for Africa Can Stabilise Migration
Chapter 7: Jihadis, Gangsters and Nobel Laureates
Chapter 8: Robots v Cheap Labour: Which Jobs will Migrants Do?
Chapter 9: - The Mirage of a Common EU Migration Policy
Chapter 10: Here's How to Tackle the Twin Threats


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