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Hot spots

Hot spots
why some companies buzz with energy and innovation-and others don´t

  • ISBN: 9780273711469
  • Editorial: Prentince Hall
  • Lugar de la edición: London. Reino Unido
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We've all heard about companies and teams that are buzzing with ideas, innovation and sheer trendiness - think Nokia, think Google, think Starbucks. Sometimes, without warning or explanation, there are condensed periods of growth and innovation within an organisation or culture. For a short time, new ideas flow freely and growth, co- operation and success are achieved at a level that exceeds all expectations. These are Hot Spots. But why do they occur in some companies and teams and not others? How can you avoid the Big Freeze and instead encourage these centres of creativity, action and energy? "Hot Spots" presents this powerful new idea which holds enormous potential for increasing productivity, co-operation and innovation. Hot Spots can be found anywhere that ideas converge - workplaces, companies, industries, coffee shops, hallways, conferences. And distance is no barrier either: Hot Spots can thrive across different geographical locations and different time zones. Based on extensive research with industry leaders such as BP, Nokia, Adidas, Linux, Goldman Sachs, Ogilvy One, Unilever and Reuters, Hot Spots explores the conditions and environments that are conducive to the creation of Hot Spots. With Hot Spots you can achieve higher levels of effectiveness and productivity than you ever thought possible.


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