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Competition in energy markets

Competition in energy markets
Law and regulation in the Euroepan Union

  • ISBN: 9780199282975
  • Editorial: Oxford University Press
  • Lugar de la edición: Oxford. Reino Unido
  • Edición número: 2nd ed
  • Encuadernación: Cartoné
  • Medidas: 24 cm
  • Nº Pág.: 707
  • Idiomas: Inglés

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The new edition of this book gives a comprehensive update and analysis of European law as it affects competition in EU energy markets, especially oil, gas and electricity. This includes all relevant directives, regulations, Treaty provisions (including the energy chapter in the draft EU Constitution), case law and decisions of the ECJ, the CFI and the European Commission competition authorities. Appropriate consideration is also given to the new developments in EU legal relations with Norway, Switzerland and other neighbouring countries. In this edition a special chapter examines the growing impact of environmental rules on the energy sector, especially with respect to renewable energy, nuclear power and the EU emissions trading scheme ÍNDICE: Part I Competition and Energy Law 1. The Competition Objective 2. The EU Legal Order and Energy 3. The EU System of Energy Regulation Part II Sector Regulation 4. Introduction to Part II: Sector Regulation 5. Electricity 6. Gas 7. Oil 8. Coal 9. Nuclear Energy 10. Renewable Energy Part III Competition Law 11. The Application of Competition Law 12. Competition in Upstream Markets 13. Competition in Downstream Markets 14. Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions 15. State Aid 16. Special and Exclusive Rights Part IV Competing Objectives 17. Environmental Protection 18. Energy Security Part V The Future of Competition Law in Energy Markets


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