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En torno al Quijote
adaptaciones, imitaciones, imágenes y música en la Biblioteca

por varios autores


INDICE: Introducción. Don Quijote de La Mancha: del libro al mito. La "Colección cervantina" de Gabriel Molina Navarro en la Biblioteca Histórica Municipal. Catálogo. Bibliografía. Índices.

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El compromiso de actividad del desempleado

por Mella Méndez, Lourdes


La presente obra analiza una de las instituciones más interesantes y complejas en materia de desempleo, cual es el compromiso de actividad del desempleado. Su estructura se compone de cuatro grandes partes: - En la ...

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Technological change plays a crucial role in realizing energy efficiency improvements and, therefore, in ameliorating the conflict between economic growth and environmental quality. However, the diffusion of new technologies can prove a costly and lengthy ...

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El IRPF a la luz de la doctrina administrativa

por Arnáiz Arnáiz, Teodoro


Esta obra recoge una amplia selección de consultas sobre el IRPF, atendiendo al doble criterio de cercanía temporal y de relevancia de las cuestiones o temas planteados. En este sentido se incorporan unas reseñas sobre ...

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Managing for the long run
lessons in competitive advantage from great family businesses

por varios autores


Fidelity, Hallmark, Michelin, and Wal-Mart are renowned industry powerhouses with long leadership track records. Yet, these celebrated companies are united by another factor not generally equated with competitive success: They are all family-controlled businesses. Although ...

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Building a better business
the key to future marketing, management and motivation

por Dixon, Patrick


Starting from the premise that people's attitudes to business have changed: both the role businesses should play in the world and how individuals can achieve a better work-life balance, this book shows how you can ...

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Ending global poverty
a guide to what works

por Smith, Stephen C.


Two out of every three people in the world live on less than two dollars a day. This is a grim statistic but hundreds of millions of people are breaking free from poverty with the ...

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Technological economy

por varios autores


In this major new collection, leading experts in the field of economic sociology combine to provide a critical overview of the latest approaches to the study of economics in the social sciences. Traditionally social scientists ...

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The economics and management of small business
an international perspective

por Bannock, Graham

The economics and management of small business

Despite the seemingly relentless march of the multinationals, small businesses continue to thrive across the globe and form a vital part of all successful economies. The Economics and Management of Small Business provides an international ...

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Energy risk modeling
applied modeling methods for risk managers

por Lewis, Nigel da Costa


Energy Risk Modeling is a primer on statistical methods for managers, students and anybody interested in the field. Illustrated through elementary and more advanced statistical Methods, it is primarily aimed at those individuals who need ...

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Career warfare
10 rules for building a successful personal brand and fighting to keep it

por D'Alessandro, David F.


As the youngest-ever CEO of John Hancock Financial Services and the bestselling author of Brand Warfare, David D'Alessandro knows plenty about breaking away from the pack. "In Career Warfare", this ultimate insider tells the true ...

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The promotion of liberalised and deregulated markets by bilateral and multilateral aid donors, and by global institutions such as the WTO, has led to significant attention being paid to competition and regulatory reforms in developing ...

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Advanced international trade
theory and evidence

por Feenstra, Robert C.


Advanced International Trade is the first major graduate textbook in international trade in a generation. Trade is a cornerstone concept in economics, taught in all departments both in the United States and abroad. The past ...

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La presente obra tiene un doble objeto de estudio. De un lado, el análisis de las causas y consecuencias del proceso de desbordamiento normativo de la Ley de Presupuestos Generales del Estado, así como el ...

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Advances in understanding strategic behaviour
Game Theory, experiments and bounded rationality: essays in honour of Werner Güth

por Huck, Steffen


This volume contains sixteen original articles documenting recent progress in understanding strategic behaviour. In their variety they reflect an entire spectrum of coexisting approaches: from orthodox game theory via behavioral game theory, bounded rationality and ...

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Rating management's effectiveness
with case studies in telecommunications

por Chorafas, Dimitris N.


This book explains why and how management's effectiveness makes the difference between success and failure, in any organization. Based on extensive research in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland, the author outlines how ...

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Liquidity risk
managing asset and funding risk

por Banks, Erik


Much critical attention has been given in recent years to market and credit risks, which have a significant effect on corporate and financial operations and must be understood and managed with care. While these areas ...

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La Edad Moderna
(siglos XV-XVIII)

por Ribot, Luis

La Edad Moderna

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La Edad Moderna es un periodo definido de la historia de la humanidad, entre las edades Media y Contemporánea. Iniciada en una fecha imposible de precisar del siglo XV —para tratar de establecerla de forma ...

El Galeón de Manila
la ruta española que unió tres continentes

El Galeón de Manila

pvp.15.00 €

Una obra que permitirá conocer la importancia que tuvo el Galeón de Manila, la ruta española que unió tres continentes y que nos acercará a un período histórico brillante y fructífero en el que la ...

Contratación pública y transparencia
medidas prácticas para atajar la corrupción en el marco de la nueva regulación

por Martínez Fernández, José Manuel

Contratación pública y transparencia

pvp.83.20 €

Esta obra ofrece un completo paquete de medidas prácticas para prevenir y atajar la corrupción en la contratación pública, actualmente el campo más vulnerable a esta lacra de costosísimos efectos morales y económicos. La «transparencia» ...