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Codice Civile
con la Costituzione, i trattati E.E. e le principali norme complementari

por Di Majo, Adolfo


antes: 33.55 €
ahora: 10.07 €

Commercial Law

por varios autores


Commercial Law offers a fresh, modern, and stimulating account of the subject, thereby helping students better understand this important area of law. The text provides thorough coverage of all key aspects of the syllabus, including ...

antes: 54.93 €
ahora: 16.50 €

Collision course
endless growth on a finite planet

por Higgs, Kerryn


The notion of ever-expanding economic growth has been promoted so relentlessly that "growth" is now entrenched as the natural objective of collective human effort. The public has been convinced that growth is the natural solution ...

antes: 29.11 €
ahora: 12.00 €

Tramline trading
a practical guide to Swing Trading with Tramlines, Elliott Waves and Fibonacci Levels

por Burford, John


A straightforward, winning trading method. There are certain universal chart patterns that are traced out time and time again by markets - these patterns have stood the test of time and can be instantly recognised ...

antes: 53.54 €
ahora: 16.00 €

Free movement in the European Union
cases, commentaries and question

por varios autores


The European Court of Justice continues to deliver a great many important judgments which contribute to the rapid development of EU law. However, it can be difficult to understand the significance of many of these ...

antes: 129.47 €
ahora: 55.00 €

Keynes's economic consequences of the peace
a reappraisal

por varios autores


Published just months after the Versailles treaty was signed, The Economic Consequences of the Peace is a devastating critique of allied leaders and the reparations they imposed on Germany and Austria in the aftermath of ...

antes: 88.49 €
ahora: 26.55 €


Card & James' Business Law is the most detailed and analytical account of business law, providing commanding analysis of the English legal system, contract law, the law of tort, partnership and company law, and employment ...

antes: 58.15 €
ahora: 18.00 €

El país que seremos
un nuevo pacto para la España posible

por Jáuregui Atondo, Ramón


Este libro de Ramón Jáuregui, desde su larga experiencia en la vida pública, nos ofrece aquí una reflexión sobre el país que fuimos, la transformación extraordinaria que hemos protagonizado y la crisis que vivimos, pero ...

antes: 21.90 €
ahora: 7.00 €

Behavioral economics
a history

por Heukelom, Floris


This book presents a history of behavioral economics. The recurring theme is that behavioral economics reflects and contributes to a fundamental reorientation of the epistemological foundations upon which economics had been based since the days ...

antes: 70.70 €
ahora: 34.25 €


Can money improve economic organization? Between 1909 and 1917, Gustavo Del Vecchio, an Italian economist, developed a 'theory of circulation'. In a series of articles he set out his thoughts on the utility and value ...

antes: 84.65 €
ahora: 25.40 €

Game changer
game theory and the art of transforming strategic situations

por McAdams, David


"Freedom to chart one's strategic destiny comes only to those who are game-aware enough to rise above the game and determined enough to change the game to their own advantage" writes David McAdams in this ...

antes: 26.69 €
ahora: 16.00 €

The last vote
the threats to western democracy

por Coggan, Philip


The Last Vote is a wake-up call showing why we cannot afford to take democracy for granted, from Philip Coggan, award-winning author of Paper Promises and The Money Machine. Can we afford to take democracy ...

antes: 22.76 €
ahora: 8.00 €

A guide to Law and the family
the easyway

por Leigh, Karen


Family law has grown ever more complex with many areas of family life changing. The Child Supprt Agency is in the throes of change and there are changes to the law concerning human embryo and ...

antes: 13.24 €
ahora: 7.00 €


Mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring transactions reveal the inner workings of our economy. Every student and professional should understand their parts, what they are intended to accomplish, and what their competitive, strategic, and value consequences are. ...

antes: 87.94 €
ahora: 26.00 €


En muchas ocasiones vemos frustradas nuestras expectativas por no haber seleccionado adecuadamente el material probatorio en que apoyarnos. Es sabido que en el mundo de los tribunales sólo existe y se valora aquello que puede ...

antes: 38.00 €
ahora: 10.00 €

en el XXV aniversario de Las Edades del Hombre

por Ramos Domingo, José


Las Edades del Hombre, además de propuesta de indudable transcendencia cultural en la recuperación de nuestra memoria colectiva se ha convertido también, a su vez, en una indudable evocación de nuestras señas de identidad que ...

antes: 23.00 €
ahora: 21.85 €


The land belongs to those who work it--""La tierra es de quien la trabaja."" One hundred kilometers from Seville, there is a small village, Marinaleda, that for the last thirty years has been at the ...

antes: 22.97 €
ahora: 13.78 €

Order without power
an introduction to anarchism: history and current challenges

por Baillargeon, Normand


With the rise of the global protestor—from Arab Spring to the Occupy movement—the term "anarchist" has been littered throughout mainstream media as never before. But just as frequently, its definition is skewed or left wanting: ...

antes: 17.58 €
ahora: 7.00 €

Business Law

por Marson, James


This comprehensive textbook provides a thorough and accessbile introduction to business law for the non-law student. Packed with up-to-date and relevant examples, it demonstrates the real applicability of the law to the business world, making ...

antes: 51.02 €
ahora: 15.30 €

one and several variables

por varios autores


Wiley is proud to publish a new revision of this successful classic text known for its elegant writing style, precision and perfect balance of theory and applications. This ninth edition is refined to offer students ...

antes: 59.02 €
ahora: 20.00 €

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una historia de la Antigua Roma

por Beard, Mary


pvp.27.90 €

La antigua Roma importa. La historia de su imperio, sus conquistas, crueldades y excesos es algo contra lo que todavía nos comparamos hoy. Sus mitos e historias -de Rómulo y Remo a la violación de ...

El ciudadano y el poder público:
el principio y el derecho al buen gobierno y a la buena administración

por Rodríguez-Arana Muñoz, Xaime

El ciudadano y el poder público:

pvp.25.00 €

El ciudadano y el poder público (el principio y el derecho al buen gobierno y a la buena administración) es un ensayo que trata un tema de palpitante y rabiosa actualidad, sobre todo en un ...

Respuestas a dudas y problemas sobre figuras peculiares de Seguridad Social

antes: 63.00 €
ahora: 59.85 €

Esta obra pretende conocer de forma profunda las características de las figuras o instituciones más peculiares de la Seguridad Social, desde tres vertientes: la teórica que explica en qué consiste cada una de ellas con ...