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Le Droit constitutionnel

por Baranger, Denis


antes: 10.20 €
ahora: 6.00 €

Business Law

por Marson, James


This comprehensive textbook provides a thorough and accessbile introduction to business law for the non-law student. Packed with up-to-date and relevant examples, it demonstrates the real applicability of the law to the business world, making ...

antes: 51.02 €
ahora: 15.30 €

How to write a marketing plan

por Westwood, John


"How to Write a Marketing Plan, 4th edition", simplifies the task of developing a marketing plan for a product or business. Taking a step-by-step approach to the entire process, from carrying out a marketing audit, ...

antes: 14.73 €
ahora: 10.00 €

one and several variables

por varios autores


Wiley is proud to publish a new revision of this successful classic text known for its elegant writing style, precision and perfect balance of theory and applications. This ninth edition is refined to offer students ...

antes: 59.02 €
ahora: 20.00 €

Management across cultures
developing global competencies

por varios autores


The second edition of this popular textbook explores the latest approaches to cross-cultural management, as well as presenting strategies and tactics for managing international assignments and global teams. With a clear emphasis on learning and ...

antes: 46.35 €
ahora: 14.00 €

La muerte del 9

por Castelló, Paz


En el libro de Paz Castelló, la autora crea una intriga cargada de sorpresas en un ambiente que conoce bien y del que el gran público tiene una visión sobre todo festiva. Israel Buendía, fichaje ...

antes: 22.12 €
ahora: 7.00 €

New deal ruins
race, economic justice, and public housing policy

por Goetz, Edward G.


Public housing was an integral part of the New Deal, as the federal government funded public works to generate economic activity and offer material support to families made destitute by the Great Depression, and it ...

antes: 63.12 €
ahora: 20.00 €

Problems of democratic transition and consolidation
Southern Europe, South America, and Post-communist Europe

por varios autores


Since their classic volume The Breakdown of Democratic Regimes was published in 1978, Juan J. Linz and Alfred Stepan have increasingly focused on the questions of how, in the modern world, nondemocratic regimes can be ...

antes: 33.73 €
ahora: 13.50 €

Reforming the world monetary system

por Connell, Carol M.


At a time when monetary systems are under increasing pressure from external shocks and the need to combat recessionary trends, it is vital that we understand previous attempts to deal with such problems. Focusing on ...

antes: 89.51 €
ahora: 25.00 €


Questa XXIV edizione del Compendio, differenziandosi dalle precedenti, affronta il diritto amministrativo partendo da una diversa angolazione: non più solo una «statica» visione dello stesso, ma una prima «dinamica» analisi del futuro assetto che dovrebbe ...

pvp.14.00 €

Diritto costituzionale

por Del Giudice, Federico


Un Manuale di Diritto Costituzionale non può fermarsi alla neutrale descrizione delle norme che disciplinano il nostro ordinamento, ma deve essere soprattutto in grado di dare risposte ai «perché» delle norme, analizzarne cioè criticamente la ...

antes: 28.14 €
ahora: 10.00 €

Who gets what
fair compensation after tragedy and financial upheaval

por Feinberg, Kenneth R.


Agent Orange, the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund, the Virginia Tech massacre, the 2008 financial crisis, and the Deep Horizon gulf oil spill: each was a disaster in its own right. What they had in common ...

antes: 28.44 €
ahora: 15.00 €

Peace operations and restorative justice
groundwork for post-conflict regeneration

por Reddy, Peter


With a bold vision and a distinctive message, Reddy stipulates that international peacekeeping can be designed and implemented using the principles of restorative justice. To prove this, Reddy discusses the congruence of crime, armed conflict ...

antes: 91.37 €
ahora: 36.55 €

Formularios de la Administración Local y Autonómica
concordados con doctrina - jurisprudencia - legislación

por Hernández de Marco, Saturio


Índice Completo: INDICE GENERAL 1.- Constitución de la Corporación, Elección de Alcalde y Pleno Constitutivo. 2.- Organización. 3.- Función pública. 4.- Contratos administrativos y su régimen hasta su aprobación, ejecución y entrega de la obra, ...

pvp.114.40 €

The world of political science
a critical overview of the development of political studies around the globe: 1990-2012

por varios autores


The World of Political Science - The development of the discipline Book Series How well is the field of political studies doing and where is it headed? These questions are answered by this broad world ...

antes: 22.57 €
ahora: 12.00 €

Changing federal Constitutions
lessons from international comparison

por varios autores


This book analyses constitutional change in federal and decentralizing countries from a comparative perspective. The authors identify structures, processes and strategies which have proven to favour successful constitutional amendment. Thereby, the book enables public officials, ...

antes: 54.41 €
ahora: 30.00 €


antes: 33.00 €
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por Megarry, Robert E.


In 1843 a little book of sixteen pages appeared. It recorded some of the more remarkable utterances of Serjeant Arabin, the most eccentric judge ever to preside at the Old Bailey. That book, "Arabiniana", has ...

antes: 12.11 €
ahora: 5.00 €

Winner take all
China's race for resources and what it means for us

por Moyo, Dambisa


Our planet's resources are running out. The media bombards us with constant warnings of impending shortages of fossil fuels, minerals, arable land, and water and the political Armageddon that will result as insatiable global demand ...

antes: 30.20 €
ahora: 15.00 €


With a reputation for being one of the very best introductory texts on the substantive criminal law in England and Wales, Card, Cross & Jones: Criminal Law remains a firm favourite with lecturers and students ...

antes: 52.43 €
ahora: 15.72 €

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Mitrídates el Grande
enemigo implacable de Roma

por Mayor, Adrienne

Mitrídates el Grande

pvp.25.95 €

Maquiavelo alabó su genialidad militar y su biografía inspiró la primera ópera de Mozart. Pero, hasta ahora, ningún historiador contemporáneo había narrado la vida de Mitrídates, el rey despiadado y rebelde que desafió el poder ...

MEMENTO EXPERTO-Cuestiones prácticas sobre herencias para especialistas en sucesiones

pvp.47.84 €

En él se exponen numerosos casos de derecho sucesorio que el especialista en la materia puede encontrase en su trabajo diario. Ofrece opiniones y soluciones útiles en las cuestiones más complejas al aplicar e interpretar ...

Los Tyrakis
una saga familiar para entender la crisis de Grecia

por varios autores

Los Tyrakis

pvp.18.90 €

Este libro es la crónica de un tiempo el de la primera gran crisis económica del siglo xxi y de un país, Grecia el laboratorio mayor de la austeridad y el lugar por el que ...