Political political theory
essays on institutions

por Waldron, Jeremy

Political political theory

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Political institutions are the main subject of political theory-or they ought to be. Jeremy Waldron argues for reorienting the theory of politics toward the institutions of modern democracy and the mechanisms through which democratic ideals ...

Something for nothing
arbitrage and ethics on Wall Street

por O´Hara, Maureen

Something for nothing

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From a leading financial economist, a searching examination of the ethics of modern finance. In 2001, Goldman Sachs structured a complex financial contract so that its client, the government of Greece, would appear to have ...

Los derechos fundamentales en el sistema constitucional
teoría general e implicaciones prácticas

por varios autores

Los derechos fundamentales en el sistema constitucional

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El estudio de la teoría general de los derechos fundamentales, con particular atención al sistema constitucional español, ha sido, para los dos autores de este libro, el objeto principal de nuestras investigaciones desde hace cerca ...